Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Here's my new resolution: to make room in my life for this blog. My plan of attack is to blog first thing each morning when I wake up, regrettably around 4 or 5 am. So for all my legions of fans (read: three people), prepare yourselves for some morning blog love.

And here's today's report. Last week I took a Giant Timeline Floor Mat and Creature Cards to my younger son's pre-K class for a romp. What fun! At their age (about 4), kids respond very physically, running up and down the timeline and squealing at the strange creatures. We first matched the Creature Cards on the timeline, and then had a rollicking game of charades. One young friend (third photo) did a great impression of a Gastornis with its huge beak. I hear from the teachers and other moms that the kids can't stop talking about their visit with the Giant Timeline. If you've got one, think about taking it into your kids' classroom -- no special prep or expertise is needed, and you'll be soooo popular.

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  1. Up your "fan count" by 1! :-)

    I heard about Charlie's Playhouse through one of my secular homeschooling groups. Awesome site! ...just bought one of your timeline posters -- thanks for the free shipping!! (and, btw, I think the free shipping offer beats out Wal-Mart any day!) :-)