Monday, December 1, 2008

Darwin-a-gogo in 2009

2009 is a big year for we fans of Charles Darwin. It's the 200th anniversary of his birth (Feb. 12th) and 150th anniversary of the publication of "On the Origin of Species."

Darwin Day celebrations and are being planned all over the world. I am drawn to the fiesty, festive ones, like these two:

Evolutionpalooza! is a grand birthday party for Darwin at the San Francisco Public Library on Feb. 2nd. It promises games, food, speakers, a scholarship award and a possible appearance by Darwin himself. This event wins for the most evolved graphic:

The Darwin's 200th Birthday Celebration at the UCSD Faculty Club on Feb. 12th includes this fabulous dinner menu: "Evolution wine, primordial ooze soup, finch with Barbara McClintock's jumping gene corn stuffing, Mendel's peas and lava pie for dessert." After dinner is a concert by The Galapagos Mountain Boys, who will serenade guests with some country pickin' about evolution.

Wish I had a travel budget.

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