Monday, January 5, 2009

89 children's books on evolution, yee-ha!

Recently, we here at Charlie's Playhouse looked deep into our bookshelves and dragged out all the kids' books on evolution we could find. That was about thirty titles, and when we checked around online and at libraries, we found a whole bunch more. We ordered them all.

Altogether we found 89 books, some old, some forthcoming, some in Spanish, some coloring books, some activity books, and so on and so on. What a bonanza!

To celebrate the arrival of the Darwin bicentennial, we've put them all into an annotated bibliography, including our reviews for the ones we have, our "top twelve," and some "recession busters" -- good old books on sale cheap.

Take a look at it here!

Happy reading!


  1. The word is out about Evolution (Let’s Read and Find Out Science Books Series)
    By Joanna Cole and Aliki, Trophy Press, 1989. There are used copies for sale on Amazon - starting at $23.99! Not so "on the cheap"!

  2. What!? Oh no, how awful. You could try Barnes & Noble or Alibris too -- I usually check all three and buy the cheapest one. Sometimes the price differences are huge.

  3. You should check out Adventurebox. They are great for Kids aged 6-9 and have a Wierd Noises competition on this month!

  4. Link seems to be broken, Kate. Should be

    ...I think. Great list! I've already sent it out to friends.