Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hey kids: meet Darwin (age 7) and Huxley (age 5)

And, no, they aren't nicknames!

Charles Darwin and Thomas "Darwin's Bulldog" Huxley are the namesakes of these two proud and lucky kids from New Jersey. According to their mom Tamara, Darwin (7, on the left) is "cautiously optimistic," and Huxley (5, on the right) is "usually up for anything."

The family aren't related to Darwin or Huxley, and they aren't professional scientists. But as humanists, Tamara and her husband "feel focusing on science and reality is very important. We wanted unusual names, but ones people could pronounce and spell. Interestingly, very few people we come into contact with in the general population get the reference!"

When asked about their names, Dar and Hux said: "It is fun because [Darwin and Huxley] are famous and it gets us into animals and having this name makes me not want to get animals killed." Looks like we've got a couple of budding naturalists there....

So congratulations on some fine names, boys, and best of luck carrying them through life!

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