Monday, April 13, 2009

Volcano erupting on Galapagos right now!

Holy smokes, kids. A Galapagos Island volcano named La Cumbre is now erupting with flames, lava and smoke. No people are in near it, but some land and sea animals are in danger.

This is very sad for some of the tortoises, iguanas, wolves and blue-footed boobies that live on the islands, but don't panic! This is also nature taking its normal course.

The Galapagos are volcanic islands -- they have been formed over millions of years by undersea and aboveground volcanos erupting like this all the time. It's just how the environment changes there, and those big, fast changes make animals evolve pretty darn quick.

Most animals will survive this eruption, and those that do will go on to have their babies, and the cycle will continue on. So while changes like this are kinda scary, they also make way for new beautiful species to evolve in future.

Click here for more on the eruption.

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