Saturday, May 16, 2009

Charlie's harmonies: Songs about Darwin!

So there's this composer in Britain named David Haines who writes songs about Darwin and evolution for kids. His songs have sweet, classical melodies wrapped around topics like the Beagle's voyage or the life of a cell or evolution's wonders. He calls it a "science oratorio." At this website, you can hear some of his songs, read the words and watch huge choruses of children singing them.

I like Haines' songs and I think he deserves a very fancy medal for spreading the story of evolution to kids through music.

That said, I think there's room for lots more Darwin music! We need some funky, groovy, catchy, irresistible, parent-friendly music about evolution. Any musicians out there need a project? I've already got my eye on some of you....

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  1. Thanks for your kind comments about my songs! Only just found your blog. I just wrote two songs in the last week each mentioning 50 species significant to Earth's history for the launch of Christopher Lloyd's book "What on Earth Evolved?" at The Royal Institution on 8th October 2009. I may be writing a song to match each of the 100 species - quite a major project!
    Best wishes

    David Haines