Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New scavenger hunt questions for your Giant Evolution Timeline!

Got a Giant Evolution Timeline? Great. Then you've probably seen the scavenger hunt questions on the back.

Yesterday I wrote up a bunch more questions for someone who asked about them, and here they are for you! Just print them out, hand them to your kids, and see what happens. (Keep the answers under your hat though.)

Scavenger Hunt Questions for the Giant Evolution Timeline
mya=million years ago

1. When did the first dragonflies appear?
2. What was the biggest freshwater fish ever?
3. How long was an Arthropleura?
4. How long ago did the Earth form?
5. How many legs and spikes did Hallucigenia have?
6. Find three kinds of Trilobites.
7. What did the fish Climatius have that the earlier fish Arandaspis didn’t?
8. What is a mass extinction?
9. Find an animal who had lungs for breathing air and gills for breathing in water.
10. When was the biggest mass extinction ever?
11. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
12. Find two animals that survived through a mass extinction.
13. Find the first mammal ever.
14. In what period did the first dinosaurs appear?
15. Find four mammals.
16. Find two animals with super-long necks.
17. Find a distant cousin of humans.
18. How long ago did Homo Sapiens evolve?


1. 300 mya
2. Rhizodont, at 340 mya
3. 6 feet long, find at 320 mya
4. 4.5 billion years ago
5. 14 legs and 14 spikes, find at 540 mya.
6. One each at 510, 300 and 260 million years ago.
7. Jaws. Find at 460 and 420 million years ago.
8. Defined at 440 million years ago
9. Acanthostega, at 365 million years ago
10. The Permian extinction, at 250 million years ago.
11. The egg. See Archaeothyris at 300 million years ago.
12. Diictodon, 240 mya, and Purgatorius, 60 mya.
13. Morganucodon, 210 mya
14. Triassic
15. Nine total on the timeline: Morganucodon at 210 mya, Megazostrodon at 190 mya, Purgatorius at 60 mya, Glyptodon at 20 mya, Aegyptopithecus at 20 mya, Pakicetus at 20 mya, Megatherium at 2 mya, and Blue Whale and Homo Sapiens at today.
16. Three on the timeline: Tanystropheus at 220 mya, Brachiosaurus at 180 mya, and Elasmosaurus at 130 mya.
17. Aegyptopithecus at 20 mya, see Charlie’s comment about it.
18. 130,000 years ago, see Homo Sapiens at today.

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  1. What a great idea. We are definitely doing the scavenger hunt today. Thank you!