Monday, February 22, 2010

Re-imagining your mom

Hey kids, ever wonder how your mom and dad can see what you're doing behind their backs? How did they know that you fed your lima beans to the dog when they weren't even looking?

Well, scientists have dug up a 100-million-year-old fly that might just have the answer. It looks just like a regular old fly except that it has a horn on top of its head WITH THREE EYEBALLS ON IT. Yes, three eyeballs.

It probably used its rear-view eyes to watch out for predators, like this:

Looks pretty handy, right? Well, I want to propose that some homo sapeins (those called "Mom" and "Dad") have actually evolved a similar structure in the backs of their heads, like this:

Aha! So that's how we do it!

Caleb (age 5) has done a careful search of the back of my head and concluded that I have no unicorn horn with three eyeballs on it. It's a serious challenge to my claim. We welcome other evidence.

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