Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The most imaginative Darwin Day celebration ever!

In the last few weeks, fresh waves of new events have washed over the official Darwin Day listings. I love reading them -- the serious academic seminars, the sloppy happy birthday parties with cake and songs, the lonely calls for something to happen in a certain city, and best of all the unexpected funky weird happenings.

Here's my favorite in that funky category, in Ormond Beach, FL:

200 sea turtle sculptures to mark each year since Charles Darwin's birth. We will attempt to make 200 sea turtles each one in a 10 ft diameter circle and each circle 16 feet apart in a straight line stretching 1 mile long on the beach near the latest high tide water mark. The idea is watch them disappear into the next high tide thus marking the end of Charles Darwin's birthday.

I think it's gorgeous, and Steve Robinson, whoever you are, mazel tov on your great idea. Please take lots of pictures!

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