Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Anybody out there speak Norwegian?

Fri Tanke is the newsmagazine of the Norwegian Humanist Association, and they've just put up a nice piece on Charlie's Playhouse. At least I think it's nice. I can't really tell because it's in Norwegian.

But I can tell that that trying to pronounce sentences like this...

"Som mor og vitenskapskvinne ville jeg gjerne kjøpe leker som kunne lære dem om evolusjon og dinosaurenes plass i livets utvikling."

.... totally gives me and the kids the giggles. Try it.


  1. The article is very positive. Please let me know if you need a distributor in Norway. My email adddress is:

    Kind regards

  2. ... or if you need a translator! I am a translator and a mother of a dino-crazy boy. I loved your idea and would love to do the translation job if you decide to distribute in Norway.

    Yours Martina