Monday, June 29, 2009

BONC #7: Ollie vs. The Teratorn

Imagine a basset hound, let’s call him Ollie, older, moves pretty slowly, but still chases birds around his yard. He's probably never caught one, since the little guys fly away fast (probably laughing at him). Luckily, Ollie didn't live 6 million years ago, because back then, some birds didn't play nice.

Meet "the magnificent Argentine bird", also known as the Giant Teratorn, which lived approx 6 million years ago. This was the largest known bird to have ever existed. Check out these stunning figures:

Length - 11ft

Weight - up to 180lbs

Wingspan - up to 26ft(!!!)

Ollie probably weighs 80lbs, and would have made a great snack for this master of the skies. I'm glad that we don't live in Miocene Argentina!

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