Friday, June 19, 2009

The greatest kids ever

Imagine being a kid running around at a toy industry trade show. Cool, cool, awesome, and cool.

Awesome and cool for me too, when I met a few of them at ASTRA. I swear I did not bribe them or their parents, but they went nuts for the Giant Evolution Timeline. Sooooo wonderful to see.

Meet the brother-sister power team of Keller and Simone. They matched up all the Creature Cards in record time, they played Don't Squish the Creatures and Switch!, they sketched their favorite creatures, they dragged their parents back to the Timeline a hundred times, and they generally rocked the house. Keller seems to know everything there is to know about ancient creatures -- I had a very hard time stumping him!

And here's proud mom Patricia and dad Hans.

Here's Solomon and his sister, who rides a mean wheelie sneaker. They also played a great game of matching the Creature Cards, and Solomon lingered long and returned often to chat and read more on the Timeline.


  1. Hi! My 8 year old kid loves his evolution cards. We went through them together when I brought them home. Best quote: "I'm going to show this one to Mom! It'll really freak her out!"

    This morning he was showing them to his friend, and they were discussing evolution and religion. "Do you believe in God? I believe in evolution." I'm trying to emphasise that the two beliefs aren't mutually exclusive, but I've got a long way to go.

  2. Hooray! So glad to hear about your son and the cards! I love it. And I must know: which card freaked out Mom? (Also, thanks for making my ASTRA experience such fun!)

  3. I think he took hallucigenia and a couple similar ones to show her. She marvelled at them, rather than freaking out, of course.