Friday, July 10, 2009

BONC #9: Bird Lizard Antler?

We all know about pterosaurs, right? They were those huge creatures with skinny leathery wings that flew over the dinosaurs' heads. On the leading edge of their long wings, pterosaurs had bony hands sticking out, which let them walk and climb on all fours when they were on the ground.

Now here's nyctosaurus, a pterosaur with a difference. It had no hands on its wings, so it couldn't climb or crawl -- scientists think that it rarely ever landed on the ground, staying afloat in the air for most of its life!

How on earth did it do that? Well, nyctosaurus has these huge long bones coming out of the top of its skull, like antlers on a moose. These bones were the frame for a big flap of skin that worked like a sail on a boat! With their long wings and head sail, these creatures were basically parasailing all day, every day. Cool, dude! f324r8wkvm

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