Friday, July 10, 2009

Wake the kids! We won an award!

We've been named a "Best of Rhode Island 2009" by Rhode Island Monthly magazine! Woo-hoo!

The August issue will have a photo and blurb, and in a couple weeks I get to go to a fancy party and hobnob with Rhode Island royalty. Red carpet! Dancing! Martinis! Lobstah! A one-hour documentary by the local ABC station!

Holy moly, what do I wear?

Here's the fun part. The magazine doesn't tell winners what category they won until the party. I'm pretty sure it's not "Best Italian Restaurant" or "Best Car Wash." Previous categories have included "Best Family-friendly Comedy Night" and "Best Hassle-Free Yacht Ownership." They make 'em up every year.

Any guesses on what my category will be?

"Best Plucky Startup?"
"Best Family-Friendly Geeky Science Thing?"
"Best 18-Foot Meticulously Illustrated Evolutionary Timeline?"

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