Saturday, September 26, 2009

Darwin's Voyage Blogified

Here is an interesting piece of history that has been given a social media twist. The Voyage of the Beagle takes entries from Charles Darwin’s daily journal and sets them up like a blog; complete with pictures and maps.

Although we’re big fans of the science of it all, the personal accounts of the discoveries and the daily routine that this captures are intriguing. This online, modern day format lends a perspective that reading pages and pages of text just cannot create.

It’s the little things are as so fascinating – His reaction to the increasing heat; his appreciation for sunset and moonrise; that he was not impressed with the Cape Verde islands (But, remember, this was back in 1831, and I'm sure Cape Verde is a beautiful place to visit today).

You couldn't travel very easy back when Charlie was going halfway around the world, and the description of the journey reminds us of what an awesome adventure it really was!

There are stories of people that had not seen Europeans yet, stories of horrible storms and shipwrecks, and of tropical jungles teeming with life.

It’s amazing that such insight came from a very long (and dreary) journey by boat.

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