Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mission : Plankton

Over in the UK, they had staged a re-enactment of Charles Darwin's departure at the beginning of the month. A lot of the original HMS Beagle crew came from the Plymouth area, and some of their descendants were part of the re-enactment. It's cool that the past (over 150 years!) can be so easily connected to today.

The re-enactment also launches a new scientific mission, which will be filmed and broadcast on Dutch and Belgian television. The mission of this voyage is to gauge how plankton is coping with climate change and pollution. It may seem odd to monitor tiny little algae, but this algae creates a lot of oxygen and plays a huge part in the food chain. So if the plankton isn't doing well, the fish won't do well, etc etc etc. It's an important project, and needs the attention that this celebration will bring to it.

Also, John Malkovich will be there.... and you know it's important if Mr. Malkovich attends.

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