Friday, November 6, 2009

An unusually well-expressed email

I get emails. Wonderful, enthusiastic emails filled with questions or product ideas. I love them.

Yesterday I got one that perfectly describes an experience that many have written to me about. So I decided to post it here. Jodi wrote:

"Part of my panic with teaching my son about evolution, I've found, is because I was never taught evolution myself in a way I could really explain it to anyone - my son doesn't take simple answers! Then I realized the whole subject was glossed over in school for me. I brought this up to one of my son's teachers, he attends a Montessori school, and she said that a lot of parents have to teach evolution at home because it's "controversial." I was actually shocked to hear that. That's just not right - it's science!

Anyway, so since it looks like I can't leave it to the schools to teach this, I've been doing my homework and now know more about Darwin than I ever thought I would! I truly do appreciate having a great kid-friendly tool to be able to help explain things to my very inquisitive kid. And I combed through your book reviews and found a few of those recommended at our library so we've been reading those as well and I very much appreciate the time you put into that."

See why I love my inbox? Thanks so much, Jodi.

I had just the same experience trying to find resources on evolution for kids, which is exactly why I launched Charlie's Playhouse. Anyone have the same experience?

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