Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our wicked awesome new project: Ask the Kids!

Ask your kid one question and get 20% off!

The 150th anniversary of Darwin's amazing book "The Origin of Species," is coming up this month. To celebrate, we're starting a conversation about evolution with kids everywhere.

We're asking parents to pose one question to their kids:

"What is evolution?"

and let us know the very first answer. As thanks, we're offering a 10%-20% coupon, and will also recommend great books and websites to help with a chat about evolution for kids.

Kids' first thoughts are wonderful -- charmingly wrong, spot-on accurate, or revealing what is really important. ("Evolution is candy," said one 3-year-old.)

We'll weave their answers into a short, fun video and release it to the world on November 24th, the 150th anniversary of "Origin of Species." Your kids will be the stars!

So go ahead. Grab a pencil or video camera, and ask the kids!

More info at the Ask the Kids home page. Deadline is November 16th.

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