Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dear "Earth" magazine: Thanks, and also not so much with the thanks

It all started a few days ago. I got a confusing call from someone asking why the Giant Timeline Play Mat is not $19.


Turns out that the December issue of Earth magazine mentioned the Giant Timeline but misprinted the price. Earth is the flagship publication of the American Geological Institute, and covers "the latest happenings in earth, energy, and environment news." It has a readership of about 50,000. Wonderful, magnificent, count me in. I just wish those 50,000 didn't have to tango with this typo.

So, if you're an Earth reader, here are my two pleas:

1. It's $39 these days, not $19. Sorry. I do have other stuff for about $19. (See my Amazon storefront.)

2. Can you scan in and email me a copy of whatever coverage they gave to Charlie's Playhouse? I can't lay my hands on the December issue. I even sneaked in to the Brown University science library to find it but they don't have that issue yet. I'm desperately curious to see it.

Thanks. It's not $19.

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