Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winners of the Evolution & Art Contest!

Oooh, so cool. In this contest we asked kids to think of an animal alive today, imagine a bunch of them stranded in a different environment, and draw a picture of how the animal might evolve to fit its new environment after a long time.

And boy, did the kids think, imagine, and draw! We got fifty entries, all of them magnificent. Painful as it was, our judges managed to select a winner in each age category. Big, happy congratulations to them all!

(Oh, and look for interviews with each winner on this blog in the coming weeks...)

Age category 4-6 winner:
Safa, age 5

Safa imagined that some snakes that live on grassy plains were moved to a rocky island with few plants. After a million years, Safa's snakes evolved legs to move about on the rocks, antennae to sense predators better, and a grey color for camouflage.

There's much more art and science to Safa's entry! See it and the judges' comments here.

Age category 7-9 winner:

Delaney, age 9

Delaney started with a monkey and moved it to an island with "hard nuts, quiet predators, and purple bushes and trees." Her drawing of the evolved monkey included no less than three adaptations, which turned the judges purple-polka-dotted!

See Delaney's full picture and the judges' comments here.

Age category 10-12 winner:
Abby, age 11

Abby started with some star-nosed moles and imagined them in a rocky environment with only insects to eat. Her entry came complete with two pages of field drawings and notes, as well as a scientifically impeccable essay on how the moles adapted over time. Wow.

See Abby's full entry and the judges' comments here. Don't miss her life-sized "poo guide!"

Big, happy congratulations also to our finalists, who each received honorary mentions:

Age category 4-6 finalists:

Adara, age 4, owl
Brooke, age 5, elephant
Jack, age 5, penguin
Jayda, age 5, T-Rex

Age category 7-9 finalists:

Betsy, age 9, clown fish
Erin, age 8, snow grouse
Kerria, age 7, stingray
Liam, age 9, stick insect

Age category 10-12 finalists:

Haly, age 10, thorny devil
Lachlan, age 10, lion
Meryl, age 12, bilby
Michelle, age 12, owl
Truth, age 10, great white shark

And of course big thanks to all the other kids who entered, who have all received a personal certificate of appreciation from Charlie himself. We're so glad you entered, and loved your drawings. Once we get permissions from everyone's grownup, we'll post them all online for the world to see.

Oh, and also: Everything is on sale at our site! Check it out.

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