Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We're on the COVER, baby!

Beyond the Blackboard, an educational supply company in Colorado, just released its new catalog and --

oh my --

what is that? --

could that be? --

is that a Giant Evolution Timeline on the cover!?

Why yes, yes it is!

Those folks at Beyond the Blackboard sure are savvy, intelligent, street-smart and probably very good-looking too.

Here's the Timeline in their web catalog. They're selling it for 5 cents less than I am on my site. Hmmm, anybody up for a price war?


  1. Awesome! Moving up in the world!

    That's great publicity. Congratulations!

  2. ***applause***

    I stopped in at our Science Museum's bookstore (one of two options in Los Alamos for toys/presents) last weekend, btw, and the people working got all giddy when I described your stuff. Maybe some-freaking-day, they'll actually carry it! I can hope.